All types of engineers use math, science, and technology to solve problems, then combine creativity to achieve designs and solutions for almost every industry.

The familiar engineering fields — mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical — may not seem to quite fit your career interests. But there are many other types of engineers to consider before counting out an engineering job. One of the following types of engineers might just speak to you.

1. Structural Engineer

types of engineersJob Description: This type of engineer analyzes structural elements for the effects of gravity and weight load on the materials used in construction of platforms, stages, or mobile elements from conceptual designs. Imagine that an artist has created a beautiful image and you are responsible for making it come to life.
STEM Type: Maker
Median Salary: $56,000
Education Required: A bachelor’s degree is required to be a structural engineer and experience in mechanical engineering is helpful.
Recommended High School Classes: Math, science, computer, art and graphic design classes are helpful to prepare for work in the structural engineering field.