The job market for new college graduates is red hot, according to the most recent report from Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute(CERI).

The survey, the nation’s largest with over 5,000 companies responding, indicates that employers are hiring college graduates at levels not seen since 1999-2000. The 16% increase in recruiting comes after several years of single-digit growth, igniting competition for qualified candidates.

The employers surveyed are expected to hire 120,000 new graduates this year, 78% of whom will have just earned bachelor’s degrees.

And, all of the top jobs involve STEM!


Here is a breakdown of the top jobs for college graduates based on several factors:

Top Salaries 
(by entry-level median pay)

  1. Associate Investment Banker $73,829
  2. User Experience Designer $67,532
  3. Front End Developer/Engineer $61,653
  4. Biomedical Engineer $60,752
  5. Forensic Accountant $60,397
  6. Clinical Research Associate (CRA) $59,068
  7. Administrator $59,050
  8. Web Analyst $56,285
  9. Energy Analyst $54,204
  10. Product Marketing Specialist $53,488

Top Jobs By Percentage Growth

  1. Product Marketing Specialist 31.6%
  2. Business Development Associate 31.6%
  3. Process Analyst 26.7%
  4. Biomedical Engineer 26.6%
  5. Web Analyst 24.5%

Top Jobs By Job Satisfaction

  1. Web Analyst 81.25%
  2. Biomedical Engineer 79.66%
  3. Product Marketing Specialist 78.38%
  4. Administrator 75%
  5. Process Analyst 74.19%

The Most Meaningful Jobs

  1. Clinical Research Associate
  2. Energy Analyst
  3. Biomedical Engineer
  4. User Experience Designer
  5. Food Technologist

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