If you think having a job in STEM means sitting behind a desk or being trapped in a lab, think again! There are STEM careers for every interest from film to sports to the music industry.

If you dream of hanging out with rock stars and using your ear for sound in your job, there may be a fit in a STEM field for you. While the possibilities are truly endless, here are five jobs in the music industry that will use your STEM knowledge to create beautiful sounds.

1. Piano Tuner/Technician

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Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Median Salary: $33,000

As a piano tuner and technician, you’ll stay busy maintaining instruments worth tens of thousands of dollars whether in people’s homes, colleges, concert halls, or performance venues. You’ll probably be self-employed, so your skills can range from simply keeping pianos in tune – a service that has to be performed every few months – to making repairs on the instruments.

You can learn these skills at the American School of Piano Tuning, Chicago School for Piano Technology, Florida State University, or perhaps from a mentor. You never know when Billy Joel may need a tune-up!