6. It promotes equality in education.

Women today are taking over some of the top-paying jobs. STEM education helps to promote diversity and can contribute to gender equality in the workplace.

7. It prepares you for a college curriculum.

Kids with STEM educations score higher on the SATs and take fewer remediation courses when they enter college.

8. It can land you a better job within the fashion industry.

Technology and fashion are merging day to day. You own Google watches and Apple iwatches, and with a bit of inspiration and hard work you can sell your own designs over the web. You could even create a fashion app that revolutionizes online shopping or helps people rethink their existing wardrobe.

benefits of a STEM education9. It is a confidence booster.

When you meet challenges and solve complex problems you achieve tremendous boosts of confidence. STEM classes also require you to communicate your findings, defend your positions, and conduct meaningful discussions.

Students who are able to communicate their ideas clearly exude confidence, making this hard-to-measure attribute one of the many benefits of a STEM education.

10. It gives you a higher income. 

STEM-related jobs can be financially rewarding, which is evident when you look at starting salaries in some popular STEM careers:

  • Biomedical engineers, $77,400
  • Financial examiners, $70,930
  • Medical scientists, except epidemiologists, $72,590