In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, check out some of these ideas to celebrate the wonderful teachers in your life!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2017 is May 8th through the 12th, with Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 9th. Here are some of the best gift ideas we’ve seen to help you and your favorite teacher celebrate in style.

Teacher Appreciation Week

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School Supplies

From dry erase markers and pencils to tissues and hand sanitizer, a classroom requires a lot of school supplies. Depending on the school, many teachers buy their own supplies and have to remember to restock as well. Use Teacher Appreciation Week as an opportunity to make your teacher’s life much easier by replenishing some classroom essentials.

Encouraging Notes

Teachers don’t always know the impact they’re making on students and often don’t receive much encouragement for all the hard work they do. Writing a note about everything you’ve learned or your favorite qualities your teacher has would speak volumes. It would also be meaningful if you collected notes from your classmates so you could present them all at once – perhaps as part of a scrapbook. Even something simple, like leaving a little note on the whiteboard that says “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week,” would do a lot to brighten a teacher’s day.

Gift Card

While apples are nutritional, your teacher might appreciate the opportunity to pick her own food. Ask about your teacher’s favorite food, or think of a local restaurant, coffee shop, or store that your teacher would enjoy.

Homemade Treats

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Look in your own kitchen and make some treats for your teachers, or pick up a few ingredients at the store. One easy crowd favorite? Homemade chocolate bark. Melt white chocolate chips and stir in crumbled Oreos. Pour the mixture in a pan and let it harden in the fridge and, voilà, you have enough pieces of Oreo bark for multiple teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week

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Movie Kit

Themed gifts add a touch of creativity and originality to make your gift stand out. For a relaxing gift, gather a few movie items like popcorn, candy, a movie (check out the $5 movies at Target!), or movie tickets and put them all in a large popcorn bucket so your teacher can enjoy a fun night in front of the screen.


To keep your teachers well-caffeinated so they can survive Teacher Appreciation Week, stock up on their favorite drink. Find a mug or cup and fill it with tea bags, coffee beans, or a gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop. Or if your teacher isn’t a coffee or tea drinker, try hot chocolate mix or a six-pack of their favorite soda or flavored water.


Flowers are always an appropriate, thoughtful gift. If you want to go for a more original – and cheaper – route, find a succulent or small potted plant. Get your teacher two gifts in one by putting the small potted plant in a cute mug – once it’s warm enough to put the plant in the garden, the teacher gets to use the mug and think of your kindness every day.

Punny Gifts

If you love a good pun, Teacher Appreciation Week is your time to shine. Pinterest has countless punny ideas, from lotion with a note that says “We’ve got to hand it to you…” to a card that says “I mint to tell you how much I appreciate you” with a package of mints attached. Let your imagination run wild – the punnier the better.

Teacher Appreciation WeekPlant a Tree

For more of an out-of-the-box idea, try a commemorative action, like planting a tree in the their honor. You might need to plan ahead of time for this gesture, but try contacting your school to see if they can help you plan something special for your teacher. Especially if your teacher has been working at your school for a long time, you could commemorate a plaque or bench in his or her honor.

For more thoughtful – and inexpensive! – gift ideas, check out our gift guide on a budget! And if you’re still working on getting your teachers to like you, never fear – there’s still time to make a good impression. The best gift of all for Teacher Appreciation Week is simply being engaged in your education. Remember that your teachers are people too and deserve your respect and care.

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