Researchers are working overtime to create new sources of renewable energy to meet the demand for more and better fuels for our power-hungry world.

Scientists have experimented with things never considered before as alternative and green sources of renewable energy. Their creativity and STEM skills have opened the door to many surprising and unique ways to produce alternative fuels. The following are just some of the results of their innovative thinking.

1. Algae

sources of renewable energyIf you have ever been on a lake or fishing in a pond on a hot summer’s day, you probably saw lots of algae covering the surface of the water. This icky green stuff is actually a single-celled organism that grows quickly and requires only water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to survive. Algae is a source of renewable energy that is still being researched, but it is estimated that an acre of the stuff can produce enough oil for 5,000 gallons of fuel. Scientists are still working on cutting costs to produce energy from algae, but hope that it can become one of the future sources of renewable energy.