5 STEM Summer Camps

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June 5, 2015

5 STEM Summer Camps

Learning doesn’t have to be boring; when you’re tired of watching re-runs and ready for a break from 24/7 sibling time, check out these fun STEM summer camps!

Liberty Science Center Camp This camp offers students a range of topics to explore like the science of magic in their “Wizard Academy” camp, the technology of photography in “Shutter Science,” and engineering survival tactics in “Rebuilding after the Zombie Apocalypse.” Their program has a strong STEM-emphasis and uses guest speakers and hands-on activities to encourage learning and fun. The center offers a lot of other cool workshops as well from food science to app development. High school students: next year apply to Partners in Science, the center’s 8-week intensive program for juniors and seniors where students are mentored in STEM fields.

Dates: 7 one-week sessions from July 6th to August 24th.

Who: 4th-7th grade

Where: New Jersey.


All Girls Tech Camp iD Tech offers camps and programs for students with an emphasis on STEM. Named after one of iD Tech’s cofounder, Alexa Café provides the same opportunities but focuses only on girls to help close the gender gap prevalent in STEM fields. The camps are usually hosted by local universities and offer both over-night and day-time options, providing group learning time, individual focus, outdoor activities, and more. Each session varies in its concentration, from electrical engineering to film production. Guys, don’t worry! iD Tech also offers co-ed programs as well.

Dates: differs based on location, but most start in June and go throughout July

Who: girls ages 10-15

Where: California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington


ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp The Harris Foundation sponsors 48 kids to go sessions in each of its 20 locations. Students must apply and meet several standards to receive acceptance. Students participate in excursions, classroom time, extracurricular fun activities, and one-on-one time as well to promote a comprehensive immersion into the world of STEM.

Dates: throughout June to August

Who: 6th, 7th, and 8th graders

Where: California, Texas, New York, Alaska, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado, Mississipi, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey


Advanced Space Academy Is space your jam? The Advanced Space Academy is where you’ll want to be this summer. The camp offers students a look at all things space, from the engineering behind space suits to simulators that allow you to get a glimpse of what life as an astronaut is really like. With a focus on STEM, the camp makes sure its students are learning while also having a blast (pun intended). The camp also offers programs for lower grades, adults, and teachers. An “Aviation Challenge” is also offered to teens, which allows them to participate in military-style training and combat situations.

Dates: June, July, and August

Who: grades 10-12

Where: Alabama


Astronomy Camp At Astronomy Camp, students have the opportunity to work both at night and during the day, observing the night sky and learning to appreciate and observe the natural world. At night, students have the opportunity to use real equipment to study the sky and work with other leading astronomists. During the day, they have the chance to hear from prominent scientists in the field. Campers also get to build equipment and explore the outdoors on hiking trips and other excursions.

Dates: June

Who: teens

Where: Arizona


If you can’t go to camp or wish camp lasted all summer long, check out these other awesome STEM activities you can do right from your home! And take STEM with you on vacation too for a STEM-tastic summer.

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