PITTSBURGH (July 1st, 2017) – STEM Jobs, the leader in connecting classrooms to career opportunities, today announced its updated list of 2017 STEM JobsSM Approved Employers.

The 2017 STEM JobsSM Approved Employers list is the first of its kind to rate companies on their responsiveness to creating and filling high-demand, high-growth STEM occupations.

“Our STEM Jobs awards help employers, colleges, and K-12 schools better understand the kinds of efforts that are critical to promoting highly effective, efficient STEM programs, as well as how their programs are helping students understand the value of STEM and the immense career opportunities that exist,” said Ellen Egley, Director of Education for STEM Jobs. “Students can’t pursue jobs they don’t know about, so we’re dedicated to highlighting the amazing STEM careers available in the workplace of tomorrow.”

Companies that submitted surveys were scored on publicly available data and responses to proprietary questions around three key indicators of success: STEM hiring practices and career path opportunities; workforce diversity in STEM positions; and outreach to and alignment with STEM education programs. The survey assessment was free, and rights to the STEM Jobs Approved Employers designation are always available to qualifying companies for no cost.

According to a 2015 report by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, in the manufacturing sector alone nearly three and a half million jobs will need to be filled over the next decade, but two million are expected to go unfilled because there are not enough candidates with the right skills. This follows The Wall Street Journal CEO Council report in late 2014 that the number one priority for today’s CEOs is developing the “21st Century workforce,” calling for employers to partner with educators to engage students and our future workers in STEM curricular activities and to improve focus on STEM and technical training.

This need for skilled, competent workers to fuel the STEM workforce is the reason STEM Jobs works to connect classrooms to careers in engaging, meaningful ways. The STEM Jobs Approved Employers list is one way companies who are leading the way in career opportunities, diversity, and alignment with STEM programs can connect with future employees.

About STEM JobsSM:

The STEM Jobs Approved Employers survey measures how effectively companies create and fill high-demand, high-paying STEM jobs, and how well they assist employees in achieving their career aspirations in STEM fields. Ratings are based on a complimentary and rigorous quantitative assessment that measures organizations on criteria created by STEM Jobs with the assistance of an independent advisory board. A complete description of our methodology, advisory board, and services is available at www.stemjobs.com.

STEM Jobs media, career tools, and curriculum are designed to engage students, along with their parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, as they make education and career planning decisions. Using student-focused articles, fun graphics, and relatable content, STEM Jobs helps students discover how to “do what they love” in a STEM-inspired career. For more information, visit www.stemjobs.com.

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