STEM plays a role in almost every part of life, including beauty and makeup! Check out these awesome products that rely on science to make your life easier.

Frog Prince Lipstick || This lipstick comes in one shade: dark green. But science saves a potentially green day and the color magically changes colors based on your complexion. The “magic” is found in the pH of your lips, which leads the mixture to adjust to a variety of shades of pink. For those who need a chem review, pH is a number which measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. frog prince lipstick

Undercover Colors || Thought up by four college seniors, Undercover Colors is a nail polish that changes colors when exposed to date-rape drugs. All four founders majored in Materials Science and Engineering and sought to use their STEM skills, entrepreneurial passions, and concern for social issues to produce a product to help make the girls in their life feel safe. The product is still being tested and created.

nail polish

Nanoe Hairdryer || This hairdryer won’t just dry your hair, it also protects it in the process. The device sucks water molecules from the air and from your hair and then uses them to strengthen the shafts of your hair to reduce frizziness and heat damage. It accomplishes this by breaking down naturally occurring ions found in the air.


Micellar Cleansing Water || This cleanser claims that it can remove more dirt and grime from your face in a gentler method with less scrubbing required. Sounds great right? The team at Beauty by the Geeks decided to look into their claim. The product uses micelles, which are surfactants. Basically, lots of molecules come together in a spherical shape in water, which help remove excess oil and dirt from your skin. Science approved.

face cleanser

Anti-fatigue Perk-up Cream || L’Oreal’s anti-fatigue cream contains SPF and claims to cover up dullness around the eyes. Beauty blogger Sophie from “The Scientific Beauty” investigated their claims. The product relies on two main ingredients to live up to its promises: lentil seed extract and Perline-P. Together, they loosen up the pores around your eyes and prevent enzymes which cause inflammation. So now your face can look good and feel good!

anti fatigue cream


Have you ever considered combining your passion for makeup with STEM? Take our STEM quiz to find out what career you should pursue!

Photo credit: Creative Commons