When you think of a scientist, you probably picture someone in a white coat mixing chemicals in a lab. In reality, there are many types of scientists who do really diverse things.

If science is your favorite subject, see whether one of these types of scientists could be your future career. These STEM jobs are very different, but are all great careers that offer interesting discoveries, good pay, and challenges to make it worth going to work every day.

1. Food Scientist

types of scientistsJob Description:
This type of scientist works to analyze the nutritional makeup of food for safety, health and creation of new food products. A food scientist may work with food producers, government agencies, and health and wellness leaders.
STEM Type: Explorer
Median Salary: $62,920
Education Required: A master’s degree in nutrition or dietetics must be earned in preparation for a career as a food scientist.
Recommended High School Classes: Chemistry, biology, health and nutrition are good classes to pursue in high school in preparation for this and many other types of scientists.