15-year-old William Gadoury first became obsessed with the Mayans in 2012 when the a frenzy of content circulated around an ancient prophecy attributed to the primitive civilization that said the world would end on the Dec. 12 of that year. (It didn’t).

Regardless, Gadoury’s obsession continued and focused eventually into a study of Mayan constellations. Through a little bit of creative detective work, research in Google Maps and the help of the Canadian Space Agency, Gadoury was able to determine the location of where a previously undiscovered Mayan city should be located. Gadoury’s images and research revealed a location that Dr. Armand LaRocque, a remote sensing specialist with the University of New Brunswick, said looked was promising.

“Geometric shapes, such as squares or rectangles, appeared in these images, forms that can hardly be attributed to natural phenomenon,” LaRocque said.

via SFGATE.com.