Do you dread the idea of getting up every morning and going to work in an office at a typical 9-5 job for most of your adult life? If so, these areas of environmental or civil engineering could be the right career for you!

Unfortunately, most careers require you to spend at least part of your time in an office, but with these choices you will definitely be able to be outside more than others. To find out if one of these fields is right for you, take the STEM Type Quiz!


Man-made industry has inflicted much damage on the natural world. Fortunately, certain disciplines are determined to reverse this damage, and restore the natural environments.

There are specialized classes in college that can prepare you for a career in environmental restoration. For example, stream restoration expertise can lead to a career where you travel to different rivers and create plants to get them back to their original state. This may include dam removal, pollution cleanup, or redirection of a river.

This is a rewarding career, as you will bring back the vibrant natural habitat that allow fish, birds, and many aquatic plant species to survive.