September and the first day of school are right around the corner. Here are our five best tips to making a great first impression on your teachers.

That first day of school is nerve wracking. Ease back into school with these tips for making a great first impression.

1.      Walk in with a smile.

Walk into your classroom that first day with a smile. Being friendly goes a long way with showing your teachers you are happy to be back and are ready to tackle a new school year.

2.      Be interested.

We all know that school can be boring. However, be present and interested in what the teacher is saying. It will show you are an active listener and ready to take on the challenge of his or her class.

 3.      Actively participate.

Not only do you want to act interested, but take it a step further and actively participate. Turn off that cell phone, answer questions the teacher poses to the class and be ready to jump in to different challenges.

 4.      Be prepared with your school supplies.

This may be obvious, but be ready with your school supplies on that first day of school. Being prepared with the right books and everything from notebooks to pens will tell the teacher you take school seriously.

 5.      Showcase your talents.

Are you a natural leader? Are you good at helping others understand difficult material? Take time in the first day, and the first few weeks of school, to let your teachers see what you are talented at. It will help make a great impression and will give your teachers a chance to know you a little bit better.

Gearing up to go back to school is rough. Help make it a little bit easier by getting off on the right foot with your teachers.