The 90’s were all that, and if you don’t think so you can like talk to the hand.

[Tweet “Okay, so maybe the lingo was a little weird but the 90’s were a great time”] for the internet and the invention of our beloved search engines.

When a website can claim itself as a verb you know it’s of vital importance. Thus we have the phrase, “Google it.” With this new phenomenon and all the answers waiting at our fingertips, literally, what is it that most people searched and which engines came out that have now fallen by the wayside of the all-powerful Google?

The Search Engines

Yahoo came out in 1996 and has constantly been expanding with advancements occurring every year. In 1999 Ask Jeeves came out, which is now simply as well as MSN, which has become Bing. Who could forget AOL, with the infamous dial up we all loved to listen to and the little mailbox waiting to tell you whether or not, “you’ve got mail.” In addition, there were the less commonly known Lycos, MetaCrawler, Excite, and HotBot.

The Searches

Despite all the search engines they have one common denominator. They search for stuff. So what was it that everyone wanted to know? One of the top searches is all about the fashion: crop tops, high wasted jeans, acid wash clothing, you name it. Much like every era, the 90s came with its own sense of fashion that has been creeping its way back into our malls today. Music was another huge part of this time and those who know it will never forget it. From the classis Backstreet Boys and N Sync battle of tween hearts to Nirvana and Pearl Jam or Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink- 182, music was a constant search to stay updated on everyone’s favorite jams. Of course, as technology and the World Wide Web grew so did the curiosity. A top common search was technology itself. Software, gaming, toys, cell phones, and the list continues. Ever since those fateful days of the classic 1990’s our minds are constantly expanding thanks to these famous search engines.

Could you imagine a world without search engines?

By: Kathryn Abrahamsen