Gamers will meet a new challenge from Nintendo’s recently released Nintendo Labo as they learn STEM skills of engineering, physics, and programming to create their own toy and make it come to life.

Gamers will understand how to construct a toy and use computer programming to allow it to be played with a game console and joysticks through Nintendo Labo, a bizarre, yet incredibly fun take on traditional gaming.

Nintendo developer Sakaguchi reports that the starting point for the creation of Nintendo Labo was the realization that Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers were special because both have sensors and the creation of a game that would use each differently, but in a way that relates one to the other, would be new and exciting.

What can I build?

Nintendo Labo

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Nintendo Labo was created, offering several different kits. Each kit contains cardboard cut-outs and materials gamers use to make a Toy-Con that can interact with Nintendo Switch and the Joy-Con controllers. Things like a piano, fishing rod, motorbike, car, or a house can be built from the Variety Kit, and a robot kit is also offered. The creators chose cardboard because of the ability for both children and adults to use it to build each project, and even make changes or repairs themselves. Sakaguchi explained: “It brought a lot of freedom into the Make process. Even better, the consumer could experience the joy of discovery.”

How does Nintendo Labo work?

Those who have ventured into the world of Nintendo Labo commit to the creation of the toy which can take hours to build. The act of building based on the engineering and design of each toy and understanding how it works is part of the fun of the game. Detailed instructions are given, but STEM skills can be used to create many other possibilities. The creations of Nintendo Labo can be decorated and individualized. Once the creation is complete, the gamer can play with it — hook a fish, ride the bike, or play the piano. The interaction of those sensors in the controllers allow players, for instance, to use one Joy-Con to hold the rod and the other to rotate the reel.

Nintendo Labo’s theme is “Make, Play, Discover,” and the discovery is made when players connect their cardboard creation to the Nintendo Switch hardware and learn how to play a game that is designed for each toy. There is race course for the motorbike similar to Mario Kart and there is a recording studio that adds another level to playing the piano. Players become robots after building the suit to be worn on their own bodies and enter a virtual world with lots of game choices.

All Nintendo Labo gamers can explore their STEM skills by experimenting with their creations and finding how they interact with the computer software. There are no limits, no wrong way to do it. Just exploring technology and engineering while playing Nintendo.

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