STEM is a small acronym, that includes every form of science, and all technology, all areas of engineering, and the infinite range of mathematics. The famous faces behind this innumerable range might remind you what makes STEM cool!


Firstly, Physics…which is a part of the S (Science). Physics, for STEM majors, is calculus based. It’s the reason why we know about black holes, and white holes, which instead of sucking materials in like a black hole, they eject them! It’s the study of force, motion, and gravity, and can literally tell you how and why each event in the world happens the way it does.

The famous physicist I’m going to mention, you’ve definitely heard of by now. Dr. Stephen Hawking of course! Hawking managed to fight ALS while researching for his thesis, and is the face behind so many of the breakthroughs we’ve come across with physics. While his ability to move on his own has been completely diminished, he continues his work, ever inspiring the World of Physics.


Charles Darwin is one of the worlds most renowned biologists to this day! His work in the Galapagos Island on finches, sparked the flame that created Origin of Species. He studied evolution at a time where the very thought of anything but god as the creator was highly detested and frowned upon.


Scientists that have studied physics, astronomy, and chemistry, have many times included the study of mathematics. They’ve excelled and thrived in diversified fields. While this is true, in Rene Descances’s time, other subject areas more appropriately included philosophy and writing.

He’s responsible for inventing analytical geometry.


Dmitri Mendeleev is in the top tier of most amazing chemists of all time, and for good reason! He not only formulated periodic law, but he developed the periodic table that we still use to this day.

Chemistry isn’t just studying the elements. Proper chemistry can develop the perfect solution to cure a disease devastating living organisms. Chemistry has the power to make and create, at an elemental level, and takes extensive education to learn to balance the molecules just right.


Astrology ties into physics in almost every situation. In the case of this famous astrologist, Galileo Galilei, developed Copernicanism, which established that the Earth circles the sun.


There’s no telling the amount of amazing engineers that created our current, modern, way of life. It’s impossible to name every engineer that created something from an idea, that would in turn, change everything for us.

Alexander Graham Bell, maker of the first telephone, would be flabbergasted to see what his invention has grown to become!


This public figure is for all of the Computer Science majors out there! A man who renovated programming, that certainly does not get another credit for his legacy, Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++ Programming. C++ is taught in every computer science major, nationwide, how’s that for amazing!

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