Dreams are thoughts you have during REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

I take my dreams as blessings, because to me they are ideas. Creative ideas for a script or story, or even a poem.

But do your dreams actually mean something or just nonsense?

While you may be aware that your dream manifests from whatever is on your mind right before you go to sleep, 95% of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking.

There are two different views we have in society on dreams. One view is that they are misleading and people tend to read too much into them. For example, say you have a dream of you and your family attending your new neighbors house party. Only to find out that when you leave you’re the only one who made it out and to turn around and the house is abandoned. How would you read that?

The other view on dreams is that they are windows to hidden information about your life. We all have heard about the fish dream, meaning someone is pregnant who doesn’t know it yet.

What if you’re having a reoccurring dream? Do you give more meaning to those?

Phycology Today reported that recurrent dreams occur more in women than men. And between 60% and 75% of adults have them.

A close friend of mine had recurring nightmares of her boyfriend cheating with someone she did not fancy too much. She read online that it meant she was insecure or jealous of that girl. On the other hand, her boyfriend told her they meant nothing and were only coming from the root of her having trust issues with him. Which would you agree with?

The cool thing about dreams is that their studies date back as far as 4000 B. C. According to the British Psychological Society, 14% of people report dreaming every night, and 6% report never dreaming. Some people are deprived from entering the dream phase of sleeping. According to Dreammoods.com, there is research that shows people who can’t enter this phase show signs of irritability and anxiety.

The more you recall your dreams the higher your interest will be in trying to interpret them. According to Dreammoods.com, you should draw from what you experience in your personal life when you interpret your dreams, because your dreams are unique.

When you dream anything is possible. Maybe your dreams mean something to you or nothing at all.

Photo credit: Creative Commons