5 Top STEM Toy Industry Careers

Dread the idea of working in a cubicle for fifty years? Yearning for a job that's creative and fun? Check out these toy industry careers today! Creating, designing, testing, improving, and packaging toys and games are just some of the many toy industry careers. Many different STEM skills are required to take an idea for [...]

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5 Top Advanced Manufacturing Careers

Both high school and college graduates can apply their technology skills to achieve success in these advanced manufacturing careers. The term manufacturing often brings to mind assembly lines and mass production of anything from vehicles to computers. But there is much more to the field of manufacturing, especially in advanced manufacturing careers. There are many [...]

Job Spotlight: Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Increasing production to become more profitable is the goal of every manufacturer and companies rely upon an advanced manufacturing engineer to achieve that goal. When buying school supplies, clothing, or even a new car, people don't often think about how those things were designed, the machines used to manufacture them, or how much it cost [...]

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5 Top STEM Construction Careers

There are many options in construction careers that allow you to use your skills and love of building to help others bring their dreams to life. Choosing one of these construction careers means creating spaces to meet a variety of needs including housing, hospitals, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. In this field, there [...]

5 Surprising Types of Engineers

All types of engineers use math, science, and technology to solve problems, then combine creativity to achieve designs and solutions for almost every industry. The familiar engineering fields -- mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical -- may not seem to quite fit your career interests. But there are many other types of engineers to consider before [...]

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Job Spotlight: Materials Engineer

If you like hands-on work and solving problems, read on to find out whether being a materials engineer could be the right career for you! Many of us still think of manufacturing jobs as dirty jobs with low pay, bad hours, and little opportunity for advancement. In reality, manufacturing has become a largely technical and [...]

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5 Reasons to Start (or Join!) a Robotics Club in Your School

A robotics club is a fun way to meet and work with other kids at school while creating the software, hardware, and everything else that goes into making a robot. If you watched America's Got Talent this season, you saw Merrick Hanna, who made it to the semi-finals performing his "robotic boy" story/dance. He also [...]

5 Top STEM Toy Design Careers

Who says you have to grow up? Toy design careers create the wide selection of toys that inspire and engage children of all ages. Because there are so many kinds of toys, including video and electronic games, there are many work opportunities in this field that attract students with creative and artistic backgrounds, as well [...]

Job Spotlight: Aerospace Engineer

You've heard of an aerospace engineer. Now find out what professionals in this incredible career actually do, what they earn, and how you can become one. Aerospace engineer might be the perfect career for you if you love to design and create things. What They Do: As an aerospace engineer, you get to design aircraft, [...]

5 of the Weirdest Buildings in the U.S.

Discover some of the weirdest buildings hiding in plain sight in our country's cities, remote wilderness, and surprising places in between. Wherever they're located, a lot of careful planning and engineering goes into making these structures so special. Read on about some the weirdest buildings throughout the U.S. below. 1. The Longaberger Basket Building [...]

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