7 Tips for Your First Resume

The first resume you submit to a future employer is the most important paper you've ever written because it determines whether you'll get that call for an interview. Employers may receive many resumes for one available position and their first glance at your resume will tell them a lot about you ... and whether it is [...]

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6 STEM Blogs You Should Be Following

Check out some of our favorite STEM blogs that will keep you reading for hours! Wired Science Blogs Wired makes science fun. With articles from "The Physics of OK Go's Epic New Zero-G Video" to "All the Volcanic Eruptions You Missed During the Super Bowl," the site's science blog makes STEM accessible and relevant. If [...]

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Got AP Homework? Here Are 6 Resources to Bookmark Now

You’ve been waiting to get into APs for years. But once you got that pile of summer homework, it was wayyy too easy to put it off. As summer slips away, it’s time to pry open your backpack and pull out those textbooks. With the help of these six sites, it’ll be easier than you [...]

Crowdfunding Success Stories: Funding of the Future

In recent years, fundraising has taken an immediate, technologically advanced turn toward the trend of online crowdfunding. From charities to inventors, anyone with a great idea –and need for capital – can find investors by creating a personalized campaign. No longer is it necessary to hope that a great idea will be picked up or [...]

How to Become a Meteorologist

Some people watch the weatherman or woman on the nightly news and dream about how much fun it would be to be up there with the maps and graphs, outlining the forecast in a snazzy outfit, having a little fun and raking in the dough. Others are fascinated by extreme weather events such as tornadoes, [...]

Martin Gardener's Engrossing Math Puzzles

With summer underway, it's not always easy to stay sharp. Martin Gardener's weird math puzzles may be math puzzles, but once you get into them they stick in your head like a catchy song until you find a way to weave your way through its labyrinth. Mathematician and pop science writer Martin Gardener wrote a [...]

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5 Science Podcasts You Need to Listen To

We have the image of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree engrained in our memory from science class. The classic visual of an apple striking him in the head causing the deduction that gravity exists. Whether or not there's a seed of truth in this story, we know that science didn't often move that fast. [...]

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Common Core: Is this New Math Helpful?

Interest in STEM-related fields has been on a downward spiral in the US over the past decade. That’s kind of a big deal since our technology, scientific discoveries, and mathematical pursuits all depend on the next generation and, so far, they aren’t helpin’ us out. To produce more well-rounded, knowledgeable students, a new program called “Common [...]

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