May the 4th Be with You

May the 4th isn't a federal holiday or cause to cancel school, but is a good reason for nerdy celebration nonetheless. The Star Wars-themed holiday, which is basically little more than a wonderful pun, has a surprising history. More formally called Star Wars Day, its history involves, of all people, Margaret Thatcher, and like other [...]

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10 Jobs You Can Get in the Ocean Field

You don’t have to leave your fascination for Neptune mythology and Jaws trivia when you head to college. In fact, there are tons of jobs that can put you face to face with Earth’s greatest oceans–and sometimes, right in the middle of the deep blue sea. We scoped out current job offerings and forecasts for [...]

Brazil’s Largest Ever Dinosaur Rediscovered After 60 Years In A Cupboard

From: Researchers have described the biggest ever dinosaur to have been found in Brazil, after analyzing a set of fossil vertebrae that had been sitting in a cupboard for more than half a century. The dinosaur, which has been rather grandly named Austroposeidon magnificus, would have reached 25 meters (82 feet) in length when it [...]

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The Psychology Behind Why Clowns Creep Us Out

From: For the past several months, creepy clowns have been terrorizing America, with sightings of actual clowns in at least 10 different states. These fiendish clowns have reportedly tried to lure women and children into the woods, chased people with knives and machetes, and yelled at people from cars. They’ve been spotted hanging out [...]

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Astronomy Day Reminds Us to Stop and Look Up

Remember that feeling you had as a child when you looked up at the sky in wonder? That's what Astronomy Day is all about. Celebrated on October 8th this fall, Astronomy Day is a means of reminding us once a year to think about space and the ways we interact with it. What Astronomy Day [...]

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Is “The Matrix” Real? Will Artificial Intelligence Create an Artificial Reality?

Inventor and innovator Elon Musk has concerns about artificial intelligence and recently said he believes there's a "one in billions" chance we aren't living in a simulation. Musk, the CEO of Tesla (developer of one self-driving car among other vehicles) and SpaceX (who is trying to make space travel affordable), might sound extreme at first [...]

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Google is teaching Artificial Intelligence with Romance Novels

Google is teaching conversational language skills to artificial intelligence with romance novels. The company has already used over 2000 novels to improve the conversation skills of neural networks. The Google team chose romance novels due to their high usage of conversational language. Alex Kantrowitz of Buzzfeed News explained that the novels provide a knowledge base [...]

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Scientists Drilled into the Crater of the Dinosaur Killing Asteroid

Want to know more about the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs? You could be in luck: researchers drilling offshore into the heart of the impact crater of said asteroid have made their first breakthrough. The crater, discovered in 1978, is 110 miles in diameter and 12 miles in depth and is located off the coast [...]

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Ivy League Economist Booted from Plane for Doing Math

A decorated economist was removed from an American Airlines flight for doing differential equations. The economist, Guido Menzio, was preparing for a speech at Queen’s University in Ontario. Menzio was attempting to work out some properties of a model he would be presenting at the talk, but the person sitting next to him thought the [...]

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Are Leopards in More Danger than We Thought?

A recent study published in the scientific journal PeerJ indicates that the leopard has lost as much as 75 percent of its historic range. Leopards traditionally occupied approximately 13.5 million square miles throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Today, leopards only occupy 3.3 million square miles. Andrew Jacobson of the ZSL’s Institute of Zoology, [...]

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