Job Spotlight: Commercial Electrician

Designing, installing, and repairing electrical systems in commercial buildings is the job of a commercial electrician. Of the many jobs available in the construction industry, the commercial electrician may be the most important because electrical power is required for almost everything that services the building equipment and provides lighting, heating, and air conditioning for the [...]

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5 Top STEM Construction Careers

There are many options in construction careers that allow you to use your skills and love of building to help others bring their dreams to life. Choosing one of these construction careers means creating spaces to meet a variety of needs including housing, hospitals, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. In this field, there [...]

Job Spotlight: Theme Park Architect

Become a theme park architect and an amusement park can be your office. Well, not every day, but in many ways this is true. Being a theme park architect (or theme park designer) is a job many want for this very reason, and that also makes it a tough gig to land. There are a [...]

Job Spotlight: Nuclear Power Plant Technician

A nuclear power plant technician's career combines the challenge of the potential dangers of nuclear fusion and the reward of ensuring safe and effective production of electrical power. What does a nuclear power plant technician do? Safety is a high priority for nuclear power plant operation that begins with the maintenance of the many pieces [...]