5 National Parks with the Coolest Stuff to Do

America's National Parks offer so many activities that no matter what you like, you will find it somewhere in the 59 parks that make up the National Park System. California and Alaska are tied for the most national parks (each has 8), but there are incredible options scattered across the country. These five made the [...]

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STEM Summer Life Hacks Updated

STEMers know that there is always an easier, better way to do everything. So we've got some STEM-inspired summer life hacks that will keep you cool in the summer heat...and we're talking more than just temperature. Ice cold water Fill a water bottle half way with water and lay on its side in the freezer. [...]

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5 of the Coolest Future Gadgets

Future gadgets stretch the limits of possibility through their creativity and innovation. Tradeshows like the global Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are excellent places to get a glimpse of new technology before it officially hits the market. Check out just a few cool gadgets of the future that are currently being developed or tested. 1. Parrot [...]

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5 Future STEM Careers that Don’t Exist Yet and How to Prepare for Them

Some exciting future STEM careers don't even exist yet What do you want to be when you grow up? Whatever your thoughts are, maybe you should change your answer to "I don't know...maybe my job doesn't exist yet," because there's a very good chance that it doesn't. According to The New York Times, 65 percent [...]

5 Ways to Maximize Summer College Visits 2016

Summer college visits can be tricky since schools aren't in full swing, but our guide can help you make the most of this convenient time to take tours. Your summer break: The perfect time to check out the universities that are on your shortlist. Colleges' summer break: Uh, not so much. While the perfect time to [...]

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Can You Stomach These 10 Extreme Foods?

Stepping out of your culinary comfort zone can be fun, but can you handle these extreme foods? 1. Jellyfish Frequently served in soy sauce or vinegar, jellyfish is a delicacy that, though it's not very popular here, can be found in the U.S. It's generally served raw or lightly fried, and has a squishy texture, as [...]

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6 STEM Blogs You Should Be Following

Check out some of our favorite STEM blogs that will keep you reading for hours! Wired Science Blogs Wired makes science fun. With articles from "The Physics of OK Go's Epic New Zero-G Video" to "All the Volcanic Eruptions You Missed During the Super Bowl," the site's science blog makes STEM accessible and relevant. If [...]

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5 Life-Saving Medical Devices

Many people survive life-threatening medical issues today because a medical device has been invented to diagnose, treat, or repair their medical problem. Former vice president Dick Cheney, for example, suffered a heart attack at the age of 37, but has lived to the age of 75 thanks to advances in coronary medical devices that have [...]

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Black History Month: Inspiring STEM Pioneers

In celebration of Black History Month, check out some of the most inspiring STEM pioneers throughout history! Science Pioneers: Mae Jemison and Charles Drew Mae Jemison As the first female African American astronaut, Mae C. Jemison definitely earns her spot on the list of STEM pioneers. Throughout her life, Jemison was interested in STEM fields and [...]

10 Reasons to Love STEM

Valentine's Day is here and, STEM, let me count the ways we love thee. 1. You Make Science-Fiction Movies You, STEM, are responsible for the developments that lead to great leaps of imagination that give us science fiction movies and novels. Then, you give us the ability to try and imagine how the science of [...]

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