8 Best Pre-Med Majors

To increase your chances of success as a medical student, gain the skills of a well-rounded leader by pursuing the best pre-med majors. When deciding on an undergraduate course of study and the best pre-med majors, many future medical-school candidates choose subjects they feel are relevant to a career in medicine. The truth is that [...]

Communication: Commonly Misused Words

If you think you can sleep through your English class, think again. Communication is key for all fields, including STEM. Check out these commonly misused words! We all have at least one of those friends - the person who is incredibly smart, yet sounds uneducated when speaking. Language doesn't always have to be formal, but [...]

7 Tips for Your First Resume

The first resume you submit to a future employer is the most important paper you've ever written because it determines whether you'll get that call for an interview. Employers may receive many resumes for one available position and their first glance at your resume will tell them a lot about you ... and whether it is [...]

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Job Spotlight: Theme Park Architect

Become a theme park architect and an amusement park can be your office. Well, not every day, but in many ways this is true. Being a theme park architect (or theme park designer) is a job many want for this very reason, and that also makes it a tough gig to land. There are a [...]

Job Spotlight: Nuclear Power Plant Technician

A nuclear power plant technician's career combines the challenge of the potential dangers of nuclear fusion and the reward of ensuring safe and effective production of electrical power. What does a nuclear power plant technician do? Safety is a high priority for nuclear power plant operation that begins with the maintenance of the many pieces [...]

Extreme Sports – Whitewater Rafting Guide

Sports and STEM go hand in hand, including extreme sports. Heather Ludwig, a whitewater rafting guide and high school science teacher, is the perfect example of someone who combines her love of sport and passion for STEM to make her dream career. Heather began her journey as a whitewater rafting guide in the spring of [...]

Sally Ride Day

Sally Ride, a physicist and astronaut who made history as the first American woman in space, serves as a great role model for girls interested in pursuing a STEM career. Even though men still outnumber in women in STEM careers, there's a lot more encouragement and support for girls to pursue their interest in science and math [...]

Job Spotlight: Extreme Architects

Most people don't typically think of architecture as a radical career choice, but some of the structures built by extreme architects couldn't be described any other way. In order to achieve new heights, it's necessary for architecture to have a solid grounding in math and engineering reality. What Do Extreme Architects Do? Extreme architects might [...]

Job Spotlight: Drone/UAV Operator

Want to take to the skies? You can be a Drone/UAV Operator and command the flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle gathering aerial intelligence around the world or filming a televised sported event ... and you never have to leave the ground! How cool would it be to fly drones for a living? Even though [...]

STEM Behind the Wheel: Designing Race Cars

Head onto the road of extreme-sport success by discovering STEM careers in race-car design and the world of car racing. Though car racing is an extremely popular sport, it might seem all the pedal-to-the-metal excitement is due to an experienced driver with some fancy moves. In reality, understanding STEM can make all the difference when [...]