5 Top STEM Law Careers

Become part of the legal process by choosing from many fascinating law careers. There's more to this field than just being an attorney! Within the legal field, many different professionals work hard to make sure the justice system works. In addition to judges and lawyers, there are others who work as support staff. Choose from [...]

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Job Spotlight: Protective Agent

A protective agent for the Central Intelligence Agency may work anywhere in the world to ensure the safety of personnel, facilities, and information. The job of CIA protective agent has been portrayed in many movies and television shows and most of us picture a tough, gun-toting guy traveling the world and carrying out dangerous, but [...]

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5 Top STEM Intelligence Careers

Using technology to gather, analyze, and decipher information to protect the United States from attack is the job of all who pursue intelligence careers. Many opportunities exist for students with STEM skills interested in intelligence careers. A passion for fighting crime, and the ability to use technology and personal skills to find and stop those [...]

Job Spotlight: Criminal Investigator

You don't have to wear a cape to fight evildoers! You can follow the trail of a crime as a professional criminal investigator. Going into a career in law doesn't have to mean becoming a lawyer or police officer. The field of criminal investigation is not only exciting, but also helps make the world a [...]

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10 Careers that Use Statistics

Statistics is a branch of mathematics, and there are many careers that use statistics in calculating, analyzing, and presenting information. Like working with numbers? The following are just some of the careers that use statistics as an important part of the work to be done. 1. Statistician Job Description: A statistician uses math techniques to [...]

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5 Top STEM Money Careers

Think you're good with numbers, but not sure what jobs even exist for someone with a math degree? Check out our top five STEM money careers! Math is one of the most important STEM fields as it provides many of the skills necessary to be successful in science, technology, and engineering. There are tons of [...]

Job Spotlight: Actuary

A combination of good computer skills with math and problem-solving abilities may lead you to a lucrative career as an actuary. What does an actuary do? The majority of actuaries work for insurance companies. They help the company to create policies and decide the cost of the policies for the consumers who purchase them. They [...]

5 Top Careers for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs play an exciting role in the STEM world, merging creativity with business. These careers for entrepreneurs will give you the skills you need to be successful on your own. There are some traits all successful entrepreneurs share, like ingenuity, dedication, and intuition. But they never would have been successful without the opportunity to develop [...]