How to Break it to Your Parents that College Isn’t Right for You

Though college is the right training for many careers, it's not right for every career and every student. If you know college isn't right for you, how do you tell your parents? Sometimes it seems like the world just expects you to go to college after high school, but as graduation approaches, you may have [...]

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, check out some of these ideas to celebrate the wonderful teachers in your life! Teacher Appreciation Week 2017 is May 8th through the 12th, with Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 9th. Here are some of the best gift ideas we've seen to help you and your favorite teacher [...]

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A Simple Guide to 529 Plans

The ability to save for college while gaining a tax advantage on those savings makes 529 plans a good option for many families. Named for Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, 529 plans were created by Congress in 1996 and given the legal name "qualified tuition program." Each state offers its own program and [...]

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5 Important STEM Careers that Require an Associate Degree

Exciting, in-demand jobs don't always require a bachelor's degree. Discover your passion through STEM careers that require an associate degree! Pursuing a STEM career doesn't mean that students must also pursue a bachelor's degree, or master's studies. Many jobs exist for students who are interested in STEM work, but would rather dedicate time to a [...]

6 Tips for Taking Notes that Don’t Suck

It's no secret that you're going to be taking notes in school - and the quality of those notes could determine your performance in your classes. Taking notes can seem annoying to many students, but it's also an important part of the learning process. Writing down important points can help clarify what you're learning and [...]

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5 Ways to Avoid Being a College Dropout

Research done by Third Way shockingly concludes that 41 percent of college students fail to graduate within six years. Check out these tips to avoid being a college dropout. Six out of 10 Americans over the age of 24 have attempted college, but one-third of those people ended up becoming a college dropout. College dropouts [...]

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5 Colleges Preparing Students for High-Paying STEM Careers

High-paying STEM careers are part of what makes a college degree in the STEM subjects so attractive to many students. The STEM Jobs Approved Colleges list was compiled through a combination of publicly available data and survey responses to find the very best institutions for STEM students. Here are five of the schools that understand [...]

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5 Top STEM Colleges for Diversity

These are some of the top STEM colleges for diversity named to the list of STEM JOBS Approved Colleges for 2016. Attracting and supporting students and faculty from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds with different life experiences and perspectives is an important part of any school. A bright spotlight focused on the need for diversity [...]

10 College Terms to Know

From FAFSA to registrar, check out all the college terms you need to know before going on your next tour or filling out another application! Not only do college applications take a lot of time and effort, but they also can be full of unfamiliar terms. Use this college terms guide to help you navigate [...]

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Important Changes to the FAFSA

Starting in October 2016, the government’s approach to the FAFSA will change—be in the know before applying. Students who wish to attend a college or career programs through eligible schools with the assistance of federal student aid must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must complete the FAFSA to be considered [...]

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