How to Develop Great Study Skills for College

Great study skills are crucial to success in STEM fields. Plenty of homework in a STEM-focused major is centered around studying. While overloading on coffee, bringing enough pizza, and pulling an all-nighter seems like a great study plan, it's better to spend your time developing and using more effective study skills for your next exam. [READ MORE]

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4 Great Tips You Need to Find The Best Colleges

Want to find the best colleges for your needs? Check out these tips for finding the right fit for you! College hunting can be overwhelming and stressful! The sheer number of choices coupled with everything else you have going on in your life makes the task seem near impossible. Instead of looking through every option, [READ MORE]

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The 7 Best Colleges For Undecided Majors

Not sure on a major? Here are some of the best colleges to help you figure it out. Your best friend, your frenemy, and even your 11-year-old little sister know what they’re gonna major. But you? Well, let’s just say you’re undecided. The good news: You are totally normal. Studies suggest up to half of [READ MORE]

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5 Top Undergraduate Engineering Schools You Need to Check Out

Going to one of the best colleges in the country is no easy task, but if you're interested in engineering, finding the top undergraduate engineering schools is well worth it. Engineering, while prestigious on its own, is a well sought after major by undergrads across the country. While there's many impressive programs nationwide, a select [READ MORE]

Top 5 College Recommendation Letter Tips

Don't settle for any letter; get the best recommendation letter for college Your grades are phenomenal. Your extracurricular activities are the stuff essays are made of. You’ve volunteered, you’ve researched, you’ve rewritten your application a zillion times. There’s just one thing left: getting that recommendation letter. A great college recommendation letter can make up for [READ MORE]

A Checklist for a NASA Career

A NASA career is a dream for space fans. The agency has explored the great unknown for more than fifty years and served as the driving force behind some of astronomy's greatest accomplishments: The Hubble Space Telescope brought us once unimaginable snapshots from the farthest reaches of space. The Apollo missions landed humans on the moon. The Mars Rover delivers up [READ MORE]

Got AP Homework? Here Are 6 Resources to Bookmark Now

You’ve been waiting to get into APs for years. But once you got that pile of summer homework, it was wayyy too easy to put it off. As summer slips away, it’s time to pry open your backpack and pull out those textbooks. With the help of these six sites, it’ll be easier than you [READ MORE]

Want to go to College for STEM?

Congratulations on selecting a STEM field for your future career. This is sure to be an exciting, challenging, and lucrative enterprise. There is a shortage of such candidates in the workforce today. President Barack Obama has pledged that the country should have one million STEM graduates in the next ten years, a lofty goal. Not [READ MORE]