Communication: Commonly Misused Words

If you think you can sleep through your English class, think again. Communication is key for all fields, including STEM. Check out these commonly misused words! We all have at least one of those friends - the person who is incredibly smart, yet sounds uneducated when speaking. Language doesn't always have to be formal, but [...]

A Breakdown of AP Science Courses

Teachers and parents often suggest students take AP science courses, but what options are available and what do they entail? Getting college credit is great, but there are a lot of options under the umbrella of AP Science. So what courses are available and what will you get out of each? Glad you asked! Here's [...]

5 Ways to Maximize Summer College Visits 2016

Summer college visits can be tricky since schools aren't in full swing, but our guide can help you make the most of this convenient time to take tours. Your summer break: The perfect time to check out the universities that are on your shortlist. Colleges' summer break: Uh, not so much. While the perfect time to [...]

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Skills for Success in College

Want to transition from high school without falling on your face? Check out these college success strategies! When people talk about college being the best four (or five, or six) years of their life, they usually are forgetting the not-so fun parts, like time management and hours spent in the library. College is [...]

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Have You Considered Trade Schools?

Deciding where to go to school and what to do next with your life can be a lot of pressure. Many options are presented, but frequently trade schools are glossed over. Heading to college is often considered the next step after high school, but trade schools can offer a lot to students and [...]

Job Spotlight: Food Technologist

STEM jobs afford opportunities within every industry, even culinary professions. Discover how being a food technologist can change the role of STEM into a tool for survival. No limit exists regarding the opportunities available to students who wish to pursue STEM jobs. Whether beauty, the arts, fashion, medicine, or aeronautics, STEM is an asset in [...]

The Redesigned SAT

For a standardized test, the SAT is anything but standard. Every few years the test changes, and the class of 2017 will be the first to take the redesigned SAT debuting March 2016. Some of the changes are kind of awesome for the test takers, but others might prove to make the SAT harder than ever [...]

7 Top Schools for Meteorology

Meteorology is a fast-growing industry with job prospects expected to increase over the next decade. For bachelor degree candidates, the news is good: For entry-level, good-paying work in the field, all you need is a BS. If you’re looking to get a job in research within the atmospheric science field, chances are you’ll need a [...]

Your Guide to Acing the SAT

  Acing the SAT can make the college application process much less painful. If you've taken the SAT (or ACT) before, you've probably asked yourself, "How much can SAT scores improve?" That depends on a number of factors: did you sleep well the night before your first attempt at acing the SAT? Did you eat a healthy [...]

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7 Gifs Perfectly Describing Your College Application Essay

Writing a college application essay can be daunting. We summed up all of your emotional highs and lows in 7 gifs. You start off feeling pretty confident in yourself. You've written plenty of essays before, right? This should be easy. Wait a minute: there's no concise prompt? You have to write about your accomplishments and [...]

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