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Ellen is a former teacher who is proud to be a member of the STEM Jobs team. When not working on articles, lesson plans, and the magazine, she enjoys reading and spending time outdoors with her family.

The 2017 STEM Jobs Approved Employers List Is Here!

PITTSBURGH (July 1st, 2017) – STEM Jobs, the leader in connecting classrooms to career opportunities, today announced its updated list of 2017 STEM JobsSM Approved Employers. The 2017 STEM JobsSM Approved Employers list is the first of its kind to rate companies on their responsiveness to creating and filling high-demand, high-growth STEM occupations. “Our STEM [...]

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Job Profile: Interview with a Lead System Engineer

A lead system engineer might not be as well known as an electrical engineer or chemical engineer, but this career is essential to keep the energy industry running. STEM Jobs had the opportunity to ask Stephanie Reeves, a lead system engineer at Chevron, about what she does, the path she took to her current career, [...]

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Job Profile: Interview with a Production Engineer

STEM Jobs had the opportunity to interview Josmar Celauro, a production engineer at Chevron, to find out what she does and how she uses STEM to be successful. There are lots of types of engineers out there, and "production engineer" might be one you've never heard of before. Basically, a production engineer uses engineering skills [...]

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Job Profile: Interview with a Petrophysicist

Never heard of a petrophysicist before? Discover what they do, the education required to become one, and how you can break into this and other careers in the energy industry. Have you ever stopped to think about all of the things that need to happen to get electricity into your home, fuel into your car, [...]

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Job Spotlight: Media and Entertainment Solutions Architect

Combine your computer science skills with the excitement of the entertainment industry through an important and lucrative career as a media and entertainment solutions architect. Solutions architects are found in many industries throughout our increasingly digital world, but a career as a media and entertainment solutions architect is unique because it requires knowledge of both [...]

Job Spotlight: Cartographer

If you love to travel and are good at planning, a career as a cartographer might just be the perfect STEM path for your future! A cartographer is someone responsible for creating maps. In the past, this was an incredibly tedious job that required special tools, careful calculations, and artistic talent. Discover how today's cartographers [...]

Express Yourself with Voter Registration Day

Today is National Voter Registration Day and volunteers from all over the nation are working to make sure that anyone who wants to exercise their right to vote can do so. Celebrities are joining members of many non-profit organizations at concerts, sporting events, malls, and subways to talk to people and register them to vote. [...]

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Saving Sea Turtles through the Second Chance Program

There are some incredible efforts underway across our nation to protect and preserve sea turtles for future generations. We recently traveled to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium to find out more about the Sea Turtle Second Chance Program. We spoke with Josianne Romasco, aquarist keeper and Sea Turtle Second Chance Program coordinator to find [...]

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10 Hot Sports Jobs for STEM Superstars

If you have two left feet and a passion for sports, don't despair. STEM really is in everything, and can help get you one of these awesome sports jobs! Sports are exciting, but only the ultra-talented usually get the opportunity to make a living playing a game. If you have dreams of going pro but [...]

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Young STEMpreneurs Who Shaped Social Media

Age means nothing when it comes to technology and innovation, as demonstrated by the entrepreneurs behind the biggest social media companies. Meet the young and brilliant social media visionaries who changed the way the world communicates and brought new meaning to “being connected.” 1. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg If you’ve seen The Social Network, you know [...]

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