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Dorothy Crouch is a California-based writer who has covered many topics, such as financial technology, luxury lifestyle, travel and the pet-goods industry. Born and raised in New York City, she pursued her undergraduate degree at Hunter College and an M.S., Publishing degree through Pace University. Combining her love of learning and curiosity of the world, Dorothy studied abroad at Dublin, Ireland’s Trinity College, igniting a passion for travel. Dorothy’s thirst for knowledge and love of learning has led her to travel the world and pursue higher learning, including scuba certification. A lifelong animal lover, Dorothy lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their fish and two lovable, spoiled dogs.

5 More Amazing STEM Organizations for Teens

Having trouble finding an extracurricular activity that fits your interests? Maybe it's time to start or join one of these STEM organizations for teens. Things like sports, band, and chorus might already exist at your school, but you want to join a group or club that feeds your passions while setting your college or job [READ MORE]

Job Spotlight: Hydroponics Grower

As new careers in agriculture open up, students discover there is more to being a hydroponics grower than simply planting seeds. As the hydroponics industry continues to grow, more students are going to be needed to enter into educational programs that prepare them for these fascinating careers! The options for agriculture careers are taking an [READ MORE]

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5 Top STEM Forestry Careers

If you love being outdoors and care about sustainability and the environment, one of these forestry careers might just be right for you! Though they might not be the most obvious job choices, forestry careers can offer a lot of excitement and opportunities in growing businesses. From jobs that require climbing trees (picture "The Hunger [READ MORE]

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5 Top STEM Hydroponics Careers

There's a lot more to agriculture than traditional farming. Check out these exciting hydroponics careers that could be the future of agriculture! Using hydroponics allows agriculturists to eliminate the use of soil on large areas of land in favor of nutrient-rich alternatives. This can make farming easier for populations in urban environments or in areas [READ MORE]

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5 Top STEM Chemistry Careers

Chemistry careers are about much, much more than goggles, beakers, and the periodic table. Chemistry is in everything, even incredible careers. When working in chemistry careers, many professionals in this field use a lot of creativity in addition to their STEM foundations. Pursuing a job in this field doesn't mean you'll do the same thing [READ MORE]

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5 Top STEM Manufacturing Careers

Don't be fooled — manufacturing careers are in high demand and companies need highly skilled candidates to work in modern facilities with incredible technology! There might be rumors circulating about manufacturing careers as products of a bygone era. As automation in factories continues to grow, it might seem that manufacturing leaves little room for humans. [READ MORE]

How to Break it to Your Parents that College Isn’t Right for You

Though college is the right training for many careers, it's not right for every career and every student. If you know college isn't right for you, how do you tell your parents? Sometimes it seems like the world just expects you to go to college after high school, but as graduation approaches, you may have [READ MORE]