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Dorothy Crouch is a California-based writer who has covered many topics, such as financial technology, luxury lifestyle, travel and the pet-goods industry. Born and raised in New York City, she pursued her undergraduate degree at Hunter College and an M.S., Publishing degree through Pace University. Combining her love of learning and curiosity of the world, Dorothy studied abroad at Dublin, Ireland’s Trinity College, igniting a passion for travel. Dorothy’s thirst for knowledge and love of learning has led her to travel the world and pursue higher learning, including scuba certification. A lifelong animal lover, Dorothy lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their fish and two lovable, spoiled dogs.

5 Top STEM Construction Careers

There are many options in construction careers that allow you to use your skills and love of building to help others bring their dreams to life. Choosing one of these construction careers means creating spaces to meet a variety of needs including housing, hospitals, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. In this field, there [...]

Job Versus Career: What’s the Difference?

Not sure what you want to do after high school ends? Start planning the future by thinking about how to prepare for a job versus career. The words "job" and "career" are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. A job is a single position that someone works in, whether for [...]

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8 Top Skills STEM Classrooms Teach for the 21st Century

STEM classes are much more than a graduation requirement—they teach many of the top skills employers are looking for in their future workforce. There is much more to learn when returning to school this September. In addition to the usual academic subjects—reading, writing, math, and science—your teachers are helping you learn 21st century skills, which [...]

5 Things You Should Ask Your Guidance Counselor

You probably know who your guidance counselor is, but knowing what they do and how they can help you succeed can be tricky since this role has changed so much. There was a time when the job of a guidance counselor was to simply discuss students' future plans, or work through fights between kids. These [...]

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5 Top STEM Optics Careers

Most of us never think about optics, but there are some incredible optics careers that allow you to apply your science skills while making products that help people. Using concepts focused on light and its behavior, optics careers require understanding of how to use complex machines and fragile materials. This area of science overlaps with [...]

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5 Top STEM Marketing Careers

Combine your creativity and communication skills to promote media, products, and companies by choosing from these top marketing careers. Marketing careers probably aren't the first to come to mind when you think of STEM jobs, but these professionals use skills like data analysis, creativity, communication, and problem solving to be successful and make their clients [...]

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5 Top STEM Publishing Careers

Whether you're into print or digital media, there are plenty of publishing careers available for those with the right STEM skills. Being a superstar in media, bypassing all of the other publishing careers on your way to becoming editor-in-chief right after high school might seem to be a good--but unrealistic--idea. Take a step back and [...]

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5 Top STEM Law Careers

Become part of the legal process by choosing from many fascinating law careers. There's more to this field than just being an attorney! Within the legal field, many different professionals work hard to make sure the justice system works. In addition to judges and lawyers, there are others who work as support staff. Choose from [...]

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5 Top STEM Jewelry Careers

Assess the value of precious stones and help accessorize consumers in gems, precious metals, and wearable technology in these diverse jewelry careers. There is more to jewelry careers than selling precious stones and metals to customers. Customers want more fine jewelry, which are the expensive pieces that adults buy, and wearable technology has created new [...]

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Job Spotlight: Criminal Investigator

You don't have to wear a cape to fight evildoers! You can follow the trail of a crime as a professional criminal investigator. Going into a career in law doesn't have to mean becoming a lawyer or police officer. The field of criminal investigation is not only exciting, but also helps make the world a [...]

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