About Courtney Runn

Courtney is a senior at the University of Texas where she studies journalism and Italian. An Austin native, she loves living in the capital of Texas but also has a soft spot for Italia where she spent middle school and high school. A few of her favorite things include chai tea lattes, spending time with her golden retriever puppy, and good food shared with even better friends.

Job Spotlight: Materials Engineer

If you like hands-on work and solving problems, read on to find out whether being a materials engineer could be the right career for you! Many of us still think of manufacturing jobs as dirty jobs with low pay, bad hours, and little opportunity for advancement. In reality, manufacturing has become a largely technical and [...]

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5 Top STEM Genetics Careers

Like science, but not sure how to turn that interest into a career? Check out these top genetics careers to find your possible STEM path! In the past, genetics careers were mostly focused on early detection of genetic diseases and disorders, as well as treatment options for those genetic issues. Today, those careers are still [...]

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5 Things You Never Knew About CTE Programs

CTE programs offer students practical vocational skills, preparing them for the workforce. Read on to learn five facts about vocational education! CTE programs are Career and Technical Education programs. To prepare more students to graduate high school work-force ready, many districts now offer these vocational programs, offering students practical skills. CTE programs help students stay [...]

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5 Top Music Science and Technology Careers

Think STEM and music don't overlap? Think again. Check out some of the top music science and technology careers to see if this exciting field is for you! In every issue of our print magazine, we feature the hottest jobs in different STEM fields. There's a STEM job for everyone, including musicians. If you love [...]

New Collar Careers of the Future

New collar jobs offer a career without the expense of a traditional four-year college. Here's everything you need to know about new collar jobs. Until recently, there have been two dominant types of jobs: blue collar and white collar. Blue collar jobs usually require manual labor, might have hourly salaries, and typically require training in the trades, while [...]

College Packing Guide

College packing can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Check out our guide to make sure you have everything you need for your freshman year! How do you pack up your life and move it into a dorm or apartment? Most people are under-packers or over-packers, neither ideal for starting out in college. Your [...]

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The 5 Skills Employers Are Looking For

What are the top skills employers are looking for? Check out what these top STEM companies watch for when hiring employees. The job market is competitive, and you don't want to go on countless interviews and end up with nothing to show for your time and effort. We collected five of the skills employers are [...]

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5 Top STEM Money Careers

Think you're good with numbers, but not sure what jobs even exist for someone with a math degree? Check out our top five STEM money careers! Math is one of the most important STEM fields as it provides many of the skills necessary to be successful in science, technology, and engineering. There are tons of [...]

Job Spotlight: Aerospace Engineer

You've heard of an aerospace engineer. Now find out what professionals in this incredible career actually do, what they earn, and how you can become one. Aerospace engineer might be the perfect career for you if you love to design and create things. What They Do: As an aerospace engineer, you get to design aircraft, [...]

5 Tips for Life After Graduation

You did it! You made it across the stage without tripping (hopefully!) and you’re done with high school. So what’s next? Check out our tips for life after graduation! 1. Create a budget. While budgeting might not be the first thing on your mind after graduation, it could be one of the most helpful things [...]

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