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Why Are Some People Left Handed?

  Southpaw. Lefty. Ballock-handed. Ask any left-handed person, they've heard all the nicknames. They've also experienced for themselves that everything from writing to using scissors to driving a car is harder just because they prefer their left hand to their right. According to some studies, life-expectancy might even be lower for left-handed people. Historically, left-handed [...]

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5 Science-Approved Beauty Products

STEM plays a role in almost every part of life, including beauty and makeup! Check out these awesome products that rely on science to make your life easier. Frog Prince Lipstick || This lipstick comes in one shade: dark green. But science saves a potentially green day and the color magically changes colors based on [...]

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The Faces of STEM

STEM is a small acronym, that includes every form of science, and all technology, all areas of engineering, and the infinite range of mathematics. The famous faces behind this innumerable range might remind you what makes STEM cool! Physics Firstly, Physics...which is a part of the S (Science). Physics, for STEM majors, is calculus based. [...]

Best Engineering Pick Up Lines

There tends to be a stereotype that guys who are tech savvy aren’t the most experienced in the dating world. While they have a high level of intelligence, especially with subjects such as math and science, they don’t have the best social etiquette when it comes to picking up women. However, this is a common [...]

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I Don't Know, Google It: Search Engines from the 90's til Now

The 90's were all that, and if you don't think so you can like talk to the hand. [Tweet "Okay, so maybe the lingo was a little weird but the 90's were a great time"] for the internet and the invention of our beloved search engines. When a website can claim itself as a verb you [...]

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