If you dream of being a doctor, you need to do well in your under-graduate studies. Here are some of the colleges that have the best pre-med programs. Also check out our list of some of the best pre-med majors!


pre-med Harvard

While Harvard does not have its own premedical program, it does offer strong training and preparation for entry into the medical field simply because of its rigorous and respected academics.

The institution is known as a springboard for many students entering future STEM careers.

There are multiple organizations and opportunities for Harvard students to pursue medicine in college.

The Harvard Premedical Society is one such example – it provides prospective medical students a one-year advising program, opportunities to shadow physicians, and the chance to volunteer at local hospitals.

Before you take the leap, consider some advice from Harvard. According to the school’s website, the path to becoming a medical professional is long and rigorous, and students must consider:

  1. Meeting academic requirements
  2. Getting clinical experience
  3. Applying to medical school
  4. Additional health careers

Experts agree that applying to schools with a focus on pre-med is a safe bet and Harvard certainly has a lot to offer.