Many important transportation careers are in demand to meet the challenge of getting everyone where they want to go and everything where it needs to be, efficiently and on time.

Students interested in transportation careers should investigate the opportunities available to every STEM Type and at different education and training levels. Managing not only trains, planes, and automobile traffic, the transportation industry is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and logistics of all transportation systems. Just five of the many transportation careers worth exploring are as follows:

1. Logistics Engineer

Job Description:
Logistics is the system used for distributing all products and services from one place to another, using the transportation services available. The transportation career of logistics engineer is one in which mathematics and scientific principles are used to create the most successful and cost-efficient means of distribution. Responsibilities may include design of packaging for products or warehouses for storing shipments, as well as developing methods to purchase an inventory of goods and process orders received. Working with companies that produce goods and services, industries that distribute them, and the customers who buy them, the logistics engineer has an important job.
transportation careersSTEM Type:
Median Salary:
Training Required:
A bachelor’s degree in logistics or industrial engineering is required. Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) can be earned by passing exams given by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics.
How to Prepare:
Students may prepare for this and many transportation careers by taking math and science classes in high school.