2. Data Analyst

tech careersWhat They Do: Like a modern treasure hunter, data analysts sift troves of data to uncover hidden messages that help their company. And as we increasingly become a digital world, data analysts appear everywhere from the music industry to major corporations, sports teams to film studios.

By interpreting data and learning how to apply it, this tech career translates huge amounts of data into understandable concepts and facts that others can use to improve products and ideas.

What They Earn: Median salary is $80,110

Education Required: Most employers are looking for a bachelor’s degree in fields like math, statistics, or computer science for entry-level positions. If you’re looking for something beyond that, you’ll likely need a master’s degree in one of those areas. Programs that train you for this tech career can be found at Youngstown State University, Arizona State University, and Columbia University in the City of New York, among many others.

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