The world is becoming an increasingly digital space and there are loads of tech careers available to the savvy STEM student.

With technology developing rapidly and taking on vital roles in our everyday life everywhere we turn, tech careers are a rapidly growing sector of the economy. Students should be considering tech careers as they look ahead to college and the workplace, because from the film industry to fields that didn’t exist 10 year ago, an increasing number of fields are reliant on tech careers in one fashion or another.

Here are five top STEM tech careers worth considering.

1. Visual Designer

tech careersWhat They Do: This design-based tech career turns ideas from companies into actionable prototypes and products by taking into account materials, cost, efficiency, style, and other variables.

Professionals in this tech career seek to create innovative products by developing and troubleshooting previous projects with the help of experts, engineers, and customer feedback, considering variables like safety, appearance, material goods, and trends.

What They Earn: Median salary is $67,130

Education Required: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies are looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in fields like industrial design, architecture, or even engineering, depending on the company’s needs. Schools like Carnegie Mellon University, Central Michigan University, Clemson University, Portland State University, and the University of Houston all have programs that can get you on the right path.

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