Most of us never think about optics, but there are some incredible optics careers that allow you to apply your science skills while making products that help people.

Using concepts focused on light and its behavior, optics careers require understanding of how to use complex machines and fragile materials. This area of science overlaps with other areas, including earth science and astronomy, where the study of different types of radiation is necessary. Find out more about some amazing optics careers to see whether a job in this field might be right for you.

1. Optical Fabrication Technician

After reading blueprints and determining measurements, you will create optics products–including lenses–using delicate materials. During this process, you clean, assemble, and test products. You will also carefully package these fragile items and follow safety procedures.

optics careersSTEM Type: Maker
Median Salary: $31,573
Education Required: High school diploma
Relevant High School Courses: Physics, trigonometry