3. Controller

money careersWhat They Do:

As a controller, you manage your company’s finances and ensure everything is properly recorded. It’s up to you to make sure financial records are correct and up to date, so organization skills are key.

STEM Type: Integrator

Integrators range from supervisors of small teams to CEOs of major organizations. They work with others, making communication and relationship skills necessary for success.

Training Required:

Controller is one of those money careers that will take some time to achieve. Companies are looking for candidates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree who earned a concentration in finance or accounting. Schools such as Delaware State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Montana State University can start you down the right path. Once you earn your degree, you’ll need to get some work experience in senior-level finance positions before applying for a controller job.

But all that hard work is worth it when you get the word “Controller” under your name on your business card.

Median Salary: