Think you’re good with numbers, but not sure what jobs even exist for someone with a math degree? Check out our top five STEM money careers!

Math is one of the most important STEM fields as it provides many of the skills necessary to be successful in science, technology, and engineering. There are tons of jobs in the finance industry that require strong math skills (and other STEM skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration). Discover some different money careers to see if one might be right for you!

1. Stockbroker

money careersWhat They Do:

This is one of the most exciting—and riskiest—money careers. As a stockbroker, you buy and sell stocks, securities, and commodities for your clients. Based on your own knowledge of the market and trends, along with the background and needs of each client, you make suggestions to your clients to help them invest their money well.

STEM Type: Explorer

Explorers use science to make basic discoveries about the world around us. They are skilled in research and communication.

Training Required:

If you are planning to join a brokerage firm, most are looking for applicants with a bachelor’s degree in an area like business, finance, or accounting. Schools like New Jersey City University, Pittsburg State University, and the University of South Dakota have programs to get you there.

Median Salary: