Using technology to gather, analyze, and decipher information to protect the United States from attack is the job of all who pursue intelligence careers.

Many opportunities exist for students with STEM skills interested in intelligence careers. A passion for fighting crime, and the ability to use technology and personal skills to find and stop those intent upon causing harm, are necessary for those serving in government intelligence agencies. Explore five of those job opportunities in this exciting, sometimes secretive, field.

1. Intelligence Collection Analyst

intelligence careersJob Description: In this intelligence career, the duties include not only collecting information, but evaluating the procedures and systems used to gather that information to guarantee that there are no gaps or shortfalls in the processes used. Intelligence collection analysts also provide those in government with the facts they need to understand threats to national security and potential problems.
Median Salary: $65,895
Education Required: This job, like many intelligence careers, requires a bachelor’s degree in political science, international studies, or statistics.
STEM Type: Investigator
Ways to Prepare: If you’re interested in becoming an intelligence collection analyst, take technology, math, communication, and political science courses in high school.