5. Genetic Counselor

Job Description:
The genetic counselor works closely with individuals or families to determine how their health history or genetic makeup may be related to their illness. Their study of genetic disorders or syndromes assist expectant parents as well as adults in identifying abnormalities.
health care careersSTEM Type:
Education Required:
If you want a college education, the job of genetic counselor may be your match as a health care career. A master’s degree in genetic counseling is needed as well as certification by passing an exam administered by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. Genetic counselors must be licensed in 22 states and other states are considering legislation to require licensing.
Median Salary:
How to Prepare:
High school students should study health, biology, and psychology to prepare for this health care career.

Science, technology and math are STEM skills required in almost all health care careers and provide the right combination of knowledge to allow those entering this field to assist patients in many ways during their diagnosis, treatment, and every type of medical care required for their good health.

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