Like science, but not sure how to turn that interest into a career? Check out these top genetics careers to find your possible STEM path!

In the past, genetics careers were mostly focused on early detection of genetic diseases and disorders, as well as treatment options for those genetic issues. Today, those careers are still in demand, while genetic mapping analyses like those offered through and have exploded in popularity as people want to know more about their heredity, family culture, and predisposition for certain diseases.

Because of this spike in public interest, careers in this field are growing in demand. Check out five of the top genetics careers and see whether one could be right for you!

1. Forensic DNA Analyst

genetics careersSTEM Type: Investigator
This Is for You If: You watch reruns of Law & Order 24/7. Forensic data analysts assist criminal investigations by analyzing samples provided by the police. Your work could be key in finding and prosecuting criminals.
Median Salary: $48,000
Education Required: Master’s degree in genetics or forensics