5. Forensic Ballistics Expert

forensics careersGuns, bullets, shell casings, and gunshot residue — and anything else to do with firearms — is the specialty of a ballistic expert. In this forensics career, experts collect evidence and analyze it. Not only do they identify a weapon used, but where a bullet was made and the path the bullet took. The forensic ballistics expert uses complex equipment such as laser-measuring devices, computer design programs, and photogrammetry to create a map of the shots fired at a crime scene.
Education Required: As with the other specialists in the forensics field, this expert must have a four-year degree as well as training in all aspects of firearms and related materials.
Median Salary: $51,000, but many future ballistics experts start out as forensic science technicians and get the training and experience needed for this specialty on the job.
STEM Type: Investigator

Serious work to solve crimes is common to all forensics careers, but each has its own specialty that provides one piece of the puzzle. Working together, they provide the evidence and information that convicts criminals, identifies victims, and assists law enforcement in solving cases.

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