4. Forensic Odontologist

forensics careersInstead of fingerprints, this forensic career provides the opportunity for dentists to use their knowledge to identify a victim or identify the source of bite marks on food, chewing gum, or on a body. A forensic odontologist must have training and experience beyond their normal dental practice as it requires precision, accuracy, and knowledge of the equipment required to be used in the process of identification. The job may require attendance at an autopsy where measurements, x-rays, photographs and impressions of the teeth are taken. A part of the job is also testifying in court to present evidence.
Education Required: After attaining a doctorate denistry degree, the forensic odontologist candidate must have additional training and experience in the field. Certification can be obtained from the American Board of Forensic Odonotology of the American Academy of Forensic Science.
Median Salary: $150,000
STEM Type: Integrator