2. Forensic Toxicologist

forensics careersDetermining the cause of death is the job of the forensic toxicologist. In this forensic career, the toxic substances present in the deceased’s body are determined from chemical tests of blood and other body fluids, body tissue, and even the contents of the stomach. It is the forensic toxicologist who often determines the cause of death when it is not immediately apparent from an injury. They also often testify about the effect of drugs or alcohol on a driver, an athlete, or even a potential job applicant.

Education Required: The education requirement for this job begins with a four-year degree in chemistry, pharmacology or biochemistry. Continued education is required to learn about new drugs and testing procedures and a graduate degree is a must for not only advancement in this forensic career, but to specialize in the field.
Median Salary: $74,000
STEM Type: Designer

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