Most of us who watch television crime dramas think we know all about forensics careers, but there are many specialized STEM jobs in this interesting field.

The following are only five of the many forensics careers available to those trained to analyze and dissect evidence that may assist investigators in solving a crime, making an arrest, or identifying a victim, while others provide information important to the investigation of a building collapse, traffic accident, or product failure. One of these forensics careers might just turn out to be your dream job.

1. Forensic Engineer

forensics careersIn this STEM job, the forensic expert applies engineering knowledge to investigate why a building structure collapsed or a product used for a specific purpose did not perform as it should. It is the job of the forensic engineer to determine the exact cause of the failure of item in question. Forensic engineers give testimony in criminal cases, and also in civil court cases called product liability cases.
Education Required: This forensics career requires a four-year engineering degree and graduates must be licensed in the state in which they work. Certification in a specialty of forensic engineering requires about an additional year to achieve.
Projected Job Market: This field is expected to grow by four percent through 2024, which is about average for all occupations.
Median Salary: $79,000
STEM Type: Investigator