2. Machinist

Job Description:
Following high school graduation and on-the-job training, machinists are able to work to create metal parts, instruments, and tools using specialized and sometimes computer-controlled machine tools. In this advanced manufacturing career, machinists use blueprints and computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture machine parts either in large quantities, or just one unique item. Specialized equipment such as lasers or water jets are sometimes used by machinists to cut the metal piece being produced.
advanced manufacturing careersSTEM Type:
Median Salary:
Education Required:
Aspiring machinists can complete up to a one-year apprenticeship or learn computer, CAD technology, and specialized machine operation in a vocational school.
How to Prepare:
Math courses, as well as metalworking and drafting, are important classes to take in high school to prepare for this advanced manufacturing career.

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