Both high school and college graduates can apply their technology skills to achieve success in these advanced manufacturing careers.

The term manufacturing often brings to mind assembly lines and mass production of anything from vehicles to computers. But there is much more to the field of manufacturing, especially in advanced manufacturing careers. There are many options for job-seekers, and careers in this field are available to both high school graduates open to on-the-job training and college graduates who are ready to apply their knowledge of technology to modern machinery, products, and designs. Read on to learn about five surprising advanced manufacturing careers.

1. Computer Hardware Engineer

Job Description:
Computer hardware engineers work in advanced manufacturing conducting research and development. Work also includes the design of hardware systems and parts, which must also be tested and put into production. This engineer must also update older systems to work with new software.
advanced manufacturing careersSTEM Type:
Median Salary:
Education Required:
A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science is required. Knowledge of computer programming may also be required because work is normally done with computer software systems in this job.
How to Prepare:
Students preparing for this and other advanced manufacturing careers should study math, science, and computer science.