You’ll notice a college with winning school spirit by the way its students, decked out in coordinating colors, cheer and move as one body in support of an institution that’s bigger than them all.

The allegiance that so many students have for their school is unrivaled (except maybe by college rivalries) in the scheme of fandom. Only for your school will you paint glitter on your entire body, tattoo a fight song on your back, risk arrest in the name of pride, or brave any

Nothing brings out heated school spirit like rooting for a team, so sports factored heavily into our calculations for the most spirited student bodies. The size of the school, number of NCAA titles it holds, participation in the most famed rivalries, and overall crazed pride of fans were all considered to give us this list of the top fifteen schools with spirit. Resounding theme? Go big or go home. Read on for our list of the 15 colleges with the best school spirit.