High-paying STEM careers are part of what makes a college degree in the STEM subjects so attractive to many students.

The STEM Jobs Approved Colleges list was compiled through a combination of publicly available data and survey responses to find the very best institutions for STEM students. Here are five of the schools that understand the importance of aligning their programs to high demand, high-paying STEM careers.

Armstrong State University

high-paying STEM careers

Photo Credit: armstrong.edu

Location: Savannah, Georgia
STEM Programs Available: Their departments of biology, chemistry and physics, computer science and information technology, engineering studies, mathematics, and psychology offer a wide selection of potential majors and their STEM Success Center makes free tutoring available for students pursuing high-paying STEM careers.
Class Size: The majority of Armstrong’s classes range between 20 and 49 students in size.
Cost: $3,166 for in-state tuition and $9,576 for out-of-state tuition per semester.